Red Spice Road


Say no to boring work functions and choose a venue where you’ll actually enjoy the food! Red Spice Road’s private dining rooms in the heart of Melbourne have been the venue for countless team lunches, work Christmas parties, birthday parties for one year olds (seriously), seventy year olds, and all the ages in between, as well as christenings, engagements and even a few weddings.
Home to Melbourne’s favourite pork belly and more for over 10 years, Red Spice Road has been dedicated to serving the best food Asia offers, in a buzzing and energetic communal dining environment. Red Spice road has repeatedly been named as home to Melbourne’s favourite pork belly.

At the restaurant, you’ll get a South East Asian-style dining experience with all the energy of a busy Asian metropolis right in the heart of Melbourne.

From the moment you step inside Red Spice Road, you’ll be transported away from Melbourne’s (quite probably) dreary weather and feel like you’re in the heart of Asia. You’ll be dining under our famous red lantern, surrounded by three large scale David Bromley artworks and stunning murals by up-and-coming Melbourne street artist, Mike Eleven.

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The Gallerysittingup to 50
The Lantern RoomSittingup to 100
Mckillop RoomStandingup to 60
Mckillop RoomSittingup to 33
The Gallerysittingup to 32
HanoiSittingup to 22
Bangkoksittingup to 60